What Restrictions Are There in Drag Racing SFWD Vehicles?

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Tire with smoke

SFWD (sports front-wheel-drive) drag racing has become very popular recently. Interested in getting in on the action? Here’s what you need to know about vehicle restrictions:

  • Chassis: Full original chassis, including OEM floorboards and firewall, required
  • Glass: Original factory glass only
  • Suspension: Stock style only (aftermarket components are permitted)
  • Lights: At least one headlight and operational brake lights (four-wheel braking must be maintained, but split-system setups and staging brakes integration is allowed)
  • Interior: Original dashboard only (can remove rear and passenger-side seating)
  • Tires: 25 x 9.5 in. wide
  • Weight: Minimum weight of 2,400 lbs., unless using smaller turbocharger (hoods, bumpers, fenders, hatches, and other parts can be replaced with lightweight alternatives)
  • Turbo: Limited to 72.9 mm (if body weighs less than 2,400 lbs., can be 67.9 mm)
  • Transmission: No sequential transmissions (aftermarket bell housings, dog-style gearboxes, and aftermarket driveline components are acceptable) and no adjustable or slipper-style clutches (foot-operable clutches only and a H-pattern shifter must be retained)
  • Fuel and Engine: Engine modifications and engine blocks are permitted if weight requirements are met and mufflers aren’t required for turbocharged vehicles (aftermarket dry sump or external oiling systems cannot be used). Racing gas and E85 are allowed (methanol is not). For electronics, stand-alone engine management systems, dataloggers, and two-step rev limiters are all fair game.
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