8 Signs of Transmission Trouble

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Transmission being repaired in auto shop

Saying that a failed transmission is inconvenient is quite an understatement. If your transmission goes out while you’re on a trip, you could end up stranded and weighed down by the costs of a tow truck and a transmission repair or a new car altogether.

Don’t get blindsided by the costs of a broken transmission. Here are 8 signs to watch for that indicate your transmission may be failing.

  1. The clutch is dragging.
  1. The gears are slipping.
  1. There is a burning smell.
  1. The transmission is whining or clunking.
  1. The transmission refuses to go into gear or shifts roughly.
  1. The transmission won’t engage right away.
  1. The transmission is leaking fluid.
  1. The “Check Engine” light is on.

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