What You Should Know when Buying a Hondata FlashPro

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Considering investing in a Hondata FlashPro? We’ve listed a few things below that could help you make a decision.


It Comes Highly Recommended

This calibrator has the best datalogging capability and support in the industry. It’s recommended by:

  • CT-Engineering
  • Full Race
  • Jackson Racing
  • Kraftwerks
  • Skunk2

With the addition of live-tuning capabilities, you can also tune your vehicle faster and better!


You Should Buy from an Authorized Dealer

Hondata has recommended that you purchase from a Hondata Authorized Dealer. If you purchase from an unauthorized dealer, you won’t be eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty and may lose out on other benefits as well.


It Can Connect Directly to Your Laptop

Connecting straight from the computer’s USB port to your vehicle’s diagnostic port makes live tuning a breeze. The FlashProManager software even comes with 56 built-in starting calibrations, making it even easier to tune your engine computer.


There Are Some Legal Restrictions

If you live in California or own a pollution-controlled motor vehicle, you may not be able to legally purchase or use this product. Make sure to check the emission requirements of your state before purchasing.


You Could Get a Rebate

If your ECU has been reflashed by Hondata, you can receive a rebate when purchasing FlashPro. The rebate value is currently $100.


Ready to get your FlashPro? Contact HPTAutosport today! We’ll help you get the right FlashPro for you vehicle and answer any performance questions you may have.

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