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Exhaust pipes on a red car

You’ve bought the car that is perfect for you and you are ready to start boosting its performance. There are a lot of different tricks you can try, but why waste your time and your money just fiddling around, working and getting nowhere with trial and error?

Here are four things that you can do to boost the performance of your car:

  1. Upgrade the air intake. Upgrading the air intake is an affordable and easy way to increase horsepower. The colder, or the denser, the air that gets into the engine, the more power it will produce.
  1. Upgrade the exhaust. There are all sorts of regulations surrounding car exhausts. From emissions requirements and keeping low overhead costs, manufacturers use exhausts that do nothing for a car’s performance. Upgrading will make it easier for exhaust gasses to escape and allow the engine to combust faster.
  1. Upgrade with a performance chip. A performance chip will allow you to better control your car’s computer and adjust the settings including fuel-to-air ratio and more.
  1. Upgrade the clutch. An aftermarket clutch can help increase the clamping pressure of the friction plates as well as the torque your car can handle.

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