Learn Why You Should Upgrade from a B Series to a K Series Engine

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K Series Camshaft

Still in love with your B18 or B20 engine? We’ve listed a few advantages of the K series engine that might change your mind. Find out some of the benefits below.


Take Advantage of Performance i-VTEC

With DOHC (dual-overhead camshaft) valvetrains and roller rockers, the K series engine reduces friction and provides the following benefits:

  • Variable timing control on the intake cam
  • For better fuel atomization, only one intake valve opens fully at low RPM
  • For improved engine breathing, both intake valves open fully at high RPM

Depending on what model of engine you decide on, you could have further benefits, including larger intake and exhaust ports (K20A2), a higher-flowing catalytic converter (K20Z1), internal balance shafts (K20Z3), or more!


No matter what K series engine you decide on, HPTautosport has K-Tuned parts that will enhance the performance of your new engine—from clutches to fuel systems. Want to find out more about the benefits of the K series or need to get some advice on other parts you can upgrade? Contact us! We’re always happy to talk shop with our clients and help them solve performance issues.

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