How Dyno Tuning Can Boost Your Vehicle’s Performance

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Car with hood up hooked up to dynamometer

Does your vehicle’s performance need some improvement? You can find out by testing its performance with a dynamometer.


Dyno Tuning

A dynamometer—or dyno for short—is an instrument that tests the force, torque, and power of an engine or motor. In order to get the best performance tuning results, you need to use a dyno that will apply an accurate load. At HPTautosport, we use a top-of-the-line dyno that is not only accurate but also easy to use: Mustang Dyno MD-150 (2WD) Chassis Dynamometer.


After discovering your vehicle’s full capabilities, the tuning process can begin. Through dyno tuning, you can improve:

  • Daily performance
  • Mileage and economy
  • Engine operation

In order to get the benefits above, the help of a professional is essential. Reading a dynamometer is a science that demands the quality and precision that only a practiced technician handle.


While a hobby mechanic might be able to read the data on the dyno and may even know what the numbers mean, he still may not know what adjustments are needed to optimize the vehicle’s performance. For example, a professional knows to:

  • Run several baseline tests
  • Use aftermarket software to make adjustments to the fuel and ignition timing maps of late model vehicles
  • Never rush the process

Ready to put your vehicle to the test? Contact HPTautosports today to find out how much power your vehicle really has.

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