SpeedFactory Racing B-Series Mechanical Fuel Pump & Cam Trigger Combo Bracket -SF-02-100

SpeedFactory Racing B-Series Mechanical Fuel Pump & Cam Trigger Combo Bracket -SF-02-100

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Finally a simple bolt-on solution that will easily allow anyone to run an efficient and cost-effective mechanical fuel pump - easily supplying you with all of the fuel volume you’ll ever need for your current or future power goals. For reference the Weldon 2345-A electric pump that almost everyone is currently running will run out of flow at about 800-900hp on methanol on a turbo car depending on other variables.


Our bracket fits both B16 & GSR cylinder heads and is constructed of CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum with a durable and stylish black anodized finish with laser-etched SF logo.  Full stainless steel hardware and a special cam gear hex bolt to drive the mechanical pump are included.

This is the exact same setup used on our mid 7 second 215+mph Outlaw Civic HB making 2000+hp on methanol.

If you want to make 800-1300hp on methanol or 1300-1700hp on ethanol based fuels than we recommend going down a pump size to the Weldon 34704 which is rated at 4.8gpm @ 4000rpm (1300hp on methanol/2500hp on gas). Call us if you need this smaller pump combo and we can help you!

Our recommended pump option in the drop down menu above is rated at 6.8gpm at 4000rpm (1850hp on methanol/3600hp on gasoline) by the manufacturer. 

Additional design features and notes:

• Integrated cam trigger sensor mounting provision 

• The provision is there to run a dual pole hall sensor cam trigger but you don't have to use it. This means you can use this setup with an OEM ecu based EMS like Hondata/Neptune as all the needed sensors are in the distributor. 

• Slotted rear mount allows it to be used on both B16 and GSR cylinder heads

• Cam gear side hex bolt drive eliminates any added torsional stress from being put through the intake cam compared to driving the pump from the distributor side (driving a mechanical fuel pump takes a lot more torque than spinning the rotor in a distributor) and still allows use of a distributor if desired.

A high-flowing fuel pressure regulator will also be required with a mechanical fuel pump setup. 

Part #: SF-02-100

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