8AN HP Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR)

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  • All K-series engines
  • Works with both N/A and Forced Inductions
* 8 ORB Feed Ports (Top 2 ports) and 6 ORB Return Port (Bottom)
* 1/8NPT Port for Vacuum
* 1/8NPT Port for pressure gauge
* E85 & Alcohol based fuel safe
* Includes Stainless Steel Mount
Fittings included in kit - 8AN Port Plug, 6AN to 8OR, 4AN to 6OR, and 100psi Gauge
Our FPR is designed for any applications. The 8ORB feed and 6ORB return support most street setups and basic boosted cars without issue. Comes with an adjustable bracket to easily mount it anywhere.  A high quality E85 safe diaphragm is used internally, which is the most important piece.  

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