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SpeedFactory Racing Air-to-Air Intercooler Cores SF-06-096

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SpeedFactory 12x24x4.5 Bar and Plate Intercooler Core


SpeedFactory Air-to-Air Intercooler Cores feature bar and plate core construction with a very specific staggered fin combination that is engineered to achieve maximum cooling efficiency while minimizing pressure drop.  The overall strength and durability of our intercooler core designs makes them capable of efficiently handling even the most extreme, high boost level racing applications. Deliver significantly cooler, denser air to your engine with a performance proven SpeedFactory Racing Intercooler Core.

(24 x 12 x 4.5) Air to Air Intercooler Core


Core Width: 24.0"

Core Height: 12.0"

Core Thickness: 4.5”

Approximate HP Rating: 1,000-1,200

Staggered Fin Bar and Plate Construction

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