K-Tuned TR3 Shift Knob - Black Short 5 Speed - KTD-TR3-BS5

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Applications: All Honda / Acura models Note: Will fit any shifter with a M10 x 1.5 thread pitch Specifications: Our new TR shift knob is based on the FK8 Type R shift knob. We used it as a base and made some changes to the design we think will really add to it the fit and finish. First we offer it in three colors (Black, Red, and Silver). Secondly we have added some height to the shift knob, this one we were split on a preferred height so decided to offer both. The short version measures 63mm and tall version measures 73mm, both do not include jam nuts. This may not seem like a big difference but found depending on the person there was a big preference to one size over the other. The FK8 Shift knob measure around 50mm for reference. The third item is we are offering them in 5spd or 6spd engraving. Lastly, is the jam nut. Each knob comes with two jam nuts that match the original knob. One is a traditional side jam nut with a finishing ring and flat surface for 14mm wrench to secure. The other jam nut is a bonus, it will not work on all shift boots. It allows you to remove the stock collar and use our nut as a shift boot collar and lock nut. The installation process for this is a little unique but easily manageable. We have installed on several Hondas during designing of it. Instructions will help with this process. Overall this gives us a very unique experience with selecting a shift knob.

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