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K-Tuned has now developed a very useful part to relocate the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) on the K-series engine.  If you have ever looked closely at the location of the IACV motor assembly you may have noticed that it is always seems to get in the way of the intake piping or the radiator on swapped cars.  This part is designed to rotate the IACV sensor out of the way giving some much needed clearance for K-swaps.   The IACV plays a critical role in idle quality and stability.  Many K-swaps will suffer from high idle or surging issues when they are first started.  Most of the time the part causing the issue is the IACV.  Excess carbon build-up in the valve can cause sticking.  This is why we have also taken the time to create some detailed instructions on how to clean your IACV.   You might have seen IACV block off plates on the market.  These are not always the best solution to IACV problems because after installation the idle rpm is too low.  Idling at 350 - 450 rpm with a simple block off plate is out of oem spec and causes frequent stalling.  The fix for this is to manually open up the throttle plate to raise the idle.  This done by adjusting the factory set throttle stop.  This is why we always recommend cleaning and keeping the IACV in place just as Honda intended.  There are some exceptions such as race engines where idle performance is not a big concern.


Applications: All cable driven K-series throttlebodies with IACV motor

Note: Optional 1/8 NPT to 4mm Vacuum Fitting available. Please select to purchase from drop down menu.


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