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K-Tuned Billet Shifter Cable Trans Bracket K20a K20a2 k20z1 Ktd-cab-bkt

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K-Tuned has had the idea to make a nice replacement Shifter Cable Bracket for quite some time now. While they were developing their Billet RSX Shifter and their Race Shifter Cables, it made sense for them to work on a cable bracket at the same time. After testing a few prototypes of different materials, they couldn’t get the bracket to look the way they wanted. In the end, they decided to get it made with 6061 billet aluminum on the CNC machine. The bracket can be mounted on all RSX, EP3 and Civic SI transmissions. It is designed to be used with any oem or aftermarket 2002-2004 RSX-S shifter and cables. The bracket can even be used on the newer 2006-2011 Civic SI (K20Z3) 6 speed transmission as long as a 2002-2006 RSX-S shift selector is also being used. Included with the bracket is 3 spacers needed for some of the different transmission options and 3 mounting bolts. Now you can replace the rusted out factory bracket with a nice anodized billet bracket that will last.
RSX (All Models and Years), EP3 Civic, 2006-2011 Civic SI (K20Z3) with 2002-2006 RSX-S Shift Selector
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