K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body Inlet - 4' V-Band - KTD-TB9-40VB

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Applications: OLD STYLE K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Bodies: Domestic KTD-TB9-90D K-Series KTD-TB9-IAK B-Series KTD-TB9-IAB Note: *If you are unsure which TB you have, please email info@k-tuned.com with a picture. Interchangeable inlets for K-Tuned Throttle Bodies. Easily swap out the standard barb fitting to a V-Band or Vanjen fitting in 3.5" or 4". NO MORE WELDING THROTTLE BODIES, just remove the 4 bolts holding the standard inlet and replace it with the new inlet of your choice. You will reuse the o-ring supplied with your throttle body. Dimensions: Outer Diameters Clamp Size V-Band Clamp VanJen Clamp 3in 3.81in 3.28in 3.5in 4.13in 3.98in 4in 4.63in 4.54in

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