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Do you have a high flow cat on your car currently?  You might have a cat with a 2.5' or 3' inlet and outlet but that does not make it a high flow cat.  Yes, you read that right.  What makes a high flow cat is the number of cells per square inch.  A standard cat has 400+ cells per square inch,  these REAL high flow cats have 200 cells which makes each cell larger allowing more exhaust to flow through.  This gives a 35-40% flow improvement over a standard cat.  Metal core cats can also withstand much more heat and vibration than a standard ceramic core cat making them the ideal choice for high horsepower turbo and supercharged cars.  These are not cheap cats even though they have a low price.  We have a special deal with the manufacturer and we are exclusive, which allows us to provide them to you with no middle man.  This also allows us to sell them much cheaper than competitors.

Key Features:

200 Cell per inch, flows 578 CFM
Up to 40% improvement in exhaust flow vs. a normal high-flow cat

2.25', 2.50' and 3.00' sizes available
Made entirely from Stainless Steel, inside and out
Metal Monolith is much more durable than a traditional ceramic catalyst
Significantly more resistant to the effects of vibration
Withstands higher operating temperatures than a ceramic core converters, making it the best choice for turbo or supercharged cars.

Applications: Universal (can be added to most exhaust systems)

Part #: 200cellcat

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