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HPT Honda Acura VTC Actuator Intake Cam Gear Custom CNC Machined 35 Degree

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You are purchasing an OEM Honda RBB (Acura TSX) 25 degree VTC gear that we CNC machine in house to mechanically limit VTC to a set amount.
Don't rely on electronically limiting VTC with Hondata/AEM. VTC has been known to spike and this could equal bent valves and catastrophic engine failure. Choose from 4 different Degree Options. We recommend checking your clearances with gauges or the clay method with any of these gears. 

Included: (1) Brand New OEM Honda RBB Gear CNC machined for precise accuracy

Application: Honda K series Engines


-Custom VTC Gears are machined as needed and my take 1-5 business days before     shipping.

-45 Degree gears require the most machining and are $10 more expensive.

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