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Honda IAT Weld Flange Bung B16 B20 B18 D16 K20a K24 (aluminum) intake air temp

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Aluminum flange (CNC Machined). Allows you to relocate the factory Honda/Acura IAT (intake air temperature) sensor to a charge pipe or intake.
In the factory configuration, it is a known fact that aluminum intake manifolds can become heat soaked which falsely gives the ECU a higher air temp reading. In a stock motor/ecu setup this isnt a problem, however when you add a turbocharger, supercharger, or other aftermarket bolt-ons, this can cause issues. Ideal placement of the IAT sensor would be right before the throttle body on the intake piping or charge piping.
Also, some OBD2 Honda/Acuras come with the air temp sensor in the intake piping, and in a force induction configuration you need to find a secure way to mount the IAT to the charge pipe/intake so it does not blow out under boost.
Another application these can be used with are some JDM intake manifolds dont have the flange on the intake manifold to mount the factory IAT sensor. You can add this flange to the intake in this situation.
**This part requires welding/custom fitment. Not a bolt-on flange **
  • Honda / Acura / Custom setups
(1) Honda/Acura OBDI IAT weld flange
(2) Allen head bolts to secure sensor to flange
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