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Ferrea F20C F22C S2000 90lbs Dual Spring, Retainer & Titanium Kit KT4011

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The new Ferrea Valve Springs are processed with premium-grade alloy and feature special thermal treatment. Ferrea's advanced spring design and material specs have uniform load and stress distribution even in the most extreme racing conditions. Great for high revving applications. These valvesprings and retainers will reliably allow your engine to rev high without the worry of part failure, valve float, or coil bind. Aftermarket valvesprings are made out of superior metal alloy's and optimized spring rates to make sure your valvetrain can keep up with your cams at high RPM. Whether you are rebuilding your engine, or building an all out race engine, replacing your valvetrain with Ferrea components will allow you to rev higher, and go more aggressive on your cams.

Ferrea is the top of the line when it comes to valves springs and retainers. If you google "Ferrea" you would be hard pressed to find anyone say anything bad about them. They are not the cheapest on the market, but if you want the best, Ferrea is the way to go.

There are 3 Major Issues with stock valvetrain, that can be prevented by using Ferrea Components.


BIND - They can "bind" and get stuck, losing their ability to open and close the valve. This is an easily diagnosable failure. Depending on how it binds, it could cause failure to other engine parts.

BREAK - They can "break" into pieces dropping the valve into the combustion chamber and consequently ruining your bottom end.

FLOAT - "Valve Float" is a hard to diagnose condition where the valve spring rate is not high enough to fully extend the spring and close the valve after a complete rotation of the cam before the cam comes back around again. So what ends up happening is that when the cam is spinning fast (high rpm) the valve never closes, and combustion leaks out of the engine, and the engine loses power.

Car Make: Honda
Engine: F20C F22C
Outer Spring Diameter: 22.85mm / 30.45mm
Max Net Lift: 13mm
Inner Spring Diameter: 17.5mm / 22.85mm
Seat Pressure: 90lbs @ 42mm
Open Pressure: 210lbs @ 32mm
Coil Bind: 28mm

Dual Spring S10074 Qty 16
Titanium Retainer E11045 Qty 16
Seat Locator SL1035 Qty 16
Valve Locks K10034 Qty 16
 Part #: KT4011


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