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Honda OEM K Series Timing Component Kit k20 k20a2 k20z1 k20z3 k24 k24a k24a2

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Are you doing a fresh build or maybe just in need of some much needed maintenance?

Replacing your worn out timing components with OEM Honda Quality parts is always the best option.

We've put together a kit we think is the best value for your money.

Kit Includes:

OEM Honda K20 or K24 timing chain guides (1 pivot arm, 1 side chain guide, 1 upper chain guide)

OEM Honda K20 or K24 timing chain 

OEM Honda K20a2 3 lobe (orange tab) tensioner


Note: Please specify k20 or k24 engine and select either OEM, InlinePro, Hybrid Racing or K-Tuned Tensioner


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