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HPT Valve Spring Compressor Tool- K20, K24, F20C, F22C

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This Valve Spring Tool is for the Acura/Honda K20, K24/ S2000 F20 F22

The Valve Spring Compressor is CNC machined, anodized red, laser engraved and made in USA. This tool makes it easy to replace valve seals, valves, springs, and retainers. The tool is attached to the head with 2 short bolts. Once the tool is attached to the head you put a retainer cap (comes with kit) on the retainer/spring(s) you want change next you tighten a bolt that will push down on the retainer allowing you to easily remove the keepers. Next simply UN-tighten the bolt and remove the retainer cap to remove the spring(s).

Note: You can use this tool with the head on the block.

Kit includes:

Valve Spring Tool

Retainer cap

Two bolts

One long bolt

Magnetic Screwdriver

Part # HPT-K20-VST


K20, K24, F20C, F22C Engines


F20C/F22C require intake manifold removal 

No Returns on Tools. Please double check your application before purchase.


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