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Ferrea Aluminum-Magnesium Acura K20 K20A K20A2 K20Z1 K20Z3 Roller Rocker Arm RR1004

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$950.00 $995.00

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The New Acura/ Honda K20 2nd Gen Roller Rocker is finally here. This Roller Rocker will handle over .650 lift @ 11,000 RPM. We optimized the fulcrum mass weight to 4 grams lighter than the 1st Gen Roller Rocker. We added additional strength towards the shaft area and reduced valve spring harmonics by 8%. If your looking to build the absolute best high lift Honda engine this Ferrea Roller Rocker will give you that extra edge against the competition. Part #RR1004


Part # RR1004

Includes: Complete Set of 8 Rocker Arms

Note: For Use with Single Lobe Camshafts Only. Eliminates Vtec Function



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