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Speedfactory Racing B Series Shift Change Holder - Core Rebuild with Stock Spring SF-05-004

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1st off, what is the SCHA, and what does it do? The SCHA is located inside the transmission housing, and is the internal mechanism that actually moves the shift forks into position, engaging each gear as it is selected. 

Why do you need this? Because you can't finish a race with a broken gearset or the inability to get it into gear due to a damaged SCHA. Because yours is wearing out and bending, and you want to get to it BEFORE it breaks and you ruin a transmission and gear set, especially if you're running a dogbox and big power. This also works great with stock transmissions and will help improve shifting, especially the 2-3 shift. Just push the shifter forward, and it will automatically drop into 3rd gear! It pulls the shifter to the center position with authority, to help eliminate the dreaded 1-2-1 or 2-3-2 mis-shift! 

We've made improvements and fixed the parts that break so that you can make better and more consistent shifts, lower your ET's, and save your transmission! The SF-Modified SCHA is a vital component of a reliable transmission, and replacing it BEFORE it fails will save you money and frustration in the long run. 

Part #: SF-05-002

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