Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cables (K-Series 02-06 RSX & K-Swap Vehicles) HYB-SCA-01-05

Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cables (K-Series 02-06 RSX & K-Swap Vehicles) HYB-SCA-01-05

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These cables are designed to be upgraded replacements for the OEM cables. The solid rod ends and bushings give the Hybrid Racing cables a firmer, tighter feel over OEM RSX cables. In addition, the plastic swivel support tubes that are known to break on the OEM cables have been replaced with stainless steel swivel support tubes, which are significantly harder to break.

These cables are meant to give peace of mind to people who don't want to worry about their shifter cables breaking when they're shifting hard and fast during demanding racing applications. These cables are 30% thicker than the OEM RSX cables.

Are these cables a direct replacement for my OEM RSX style cables?
The Hybrid Racing shifter cables are slightly thicker than OEM cables and will fit a K Swap with little extra work. Some extra effort may be required to install these cables into an RSX as the rubber grommet that goes around the OEM cables will have to be retrofitted to accept the thicker Hybrid Racing cables. It should be noted that the OEM cable that is controlled by the right/left motion of the shifter has a plastic twist-lock bushing on the shifter end. Hybrid Racing cables instead use a spring clip and aluminum bushing. This aluminum bushing simplifies installation a bit, but more importantly, it gets rid of yet another plastic part that tends to flex on the OEM cables, leading to a sloppy feeling shift. The extra spring clip that you will need to install the Hybrid Racing cables is included with the cables, so you will not need to buy any other parts. An easy to follow installation tips sheet is included with each set of cables to make instillation as worry free as possible.

If you are using the Hybrid Racing cables on an OEM-style shifter mounted to a Karcepts adapter plate in a K swapped chassis, you will need to widen the hole for the cable that is controlled by the front/back motion of the shifter where it goes through the Karcepts adapter plate. The hole needs to be widened to approximately 3/4" diameter. A stepped drill bit works well for doing this.

What is included with these shifter cables?
Aside from 2 shifter cables, each shifter cable set includes 4 cotter pins, and a stainless steel shim and spacer. Each set also comes with an "m" bracket for affixing the shifter cables to the chassis in K swap applications. If you are mounting these into an RSX, this bracket will not be needed. Finally, each set of cables comes with an install tips sheet that shows how the cables should be mounted to the transmission and shifter.

Applications: 02-06 RSX & KSwap Vehicles

Part #: HYB-SCA-01-05

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