ACUITY SHORT THROW ADAPTER FOR THE 10TH GEN CIVIC 2016+ and Accord 2018+ ( 1923 )

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Refining your Civic's shifting system is a great way to add a sporty feel that will put a smile on your face every time you go for a drive. The ACUITY Short Throw Adapter for the 10th Gen Honda Civic can be appreciated as much during street driving as at the track. The Short Throw Adapter reduces the mechanical advantage of the shifter to provide shorter, stiffer gear throws. The extender is turned and milled from 300 series stainless steel, making it strong and extremely corrosion resistant. Acuity's unique clamping design ensures the extender will stay fastened, even with a modest amount of torque. This pairs very well with Acuity's Shifter Base Bushings (1914), Shifter Centering Spring Upgrade (1918), and Shifter Rocker Upgrade (1922).


By reducing the throw at the shifter, you are effectively reducing the play in the shifter cables by the same amount you are reducing throw. When the throw is reduced at the transmission, the play from the cables remains the same while the throw is reduced. This was the primary motivation for Acuity's choice to make a short throw adapter that fits to the shifter.


Each kit includes an alcohol wipe and grease packet so the spherical joint can be cleaned and re-greased before installation.



On the Civic Sport models, this Short Throw Adapter will reduce gear throw by approximately 26% from stock. Effectively, the OEM Sport Throw is 35% longer than it will be after installing the Acuity Short Throw Adapter.

On the Civic Si
, this Short Throw Adapter will reduce gear throw by approximately 24% from stock. Effectively, the OEM Si Throw is 32% longer than it will be after installing the Acuity Short Throw Adapter.



    • 2016+ Honda Civic (all 6mt)
    • 2017+ Honda Civic Si 
    • 2018+ Honda Accord ( 6 speed MT )


    This Short Throw Adapter is not recommended for use with the Civic Type R (FK8) shifter due to excessive shifter cable angle when used together

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