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YCP Vitara Pistons with Rings 75.5mm for SOHC Civic CRX D Series D15 D16

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This is a complete set of YCP Brand Suzuki Vitara Pistons. These are sold to install into any D-Series block for turbo/forced induction applications. Each piston set includes:

- 4 YCP Pistons,Pins, and Clips

- Riken Complete Ring Set

- YCP pistons are made from a much stronger casting than OEM pistons (AC8A Grade)

- 19mm floating wristpins fit aftermarket D16 forged connecting rods.

- T-6 Heat treated for greater strength.

- Highly resistant to heat.

- Dual oil holes provide superior wristpin lubrication

-Teflon coating provides increased piston life, improves cylinder sealing for less blow by and frees up more power from reduced friction.

*NOTE: We recommend installing pistons with the arrows pointing towards the flywheel side of the engine for correct valve relief orientation and piston pin offset.*

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