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XS Power XP1000 16 Volt AGM Racing Battery - XP1000

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XS Power has always been known for high power and high quality products, and the same can be said for the new XS Power XP Series. The XP Series batteries are designed for constant power use and for any supplemental power needs you may have.

The XP Series was specifically designed for the marine, commercial, fleet, emergency, equipment, lighting, and entry level mobile audio markets. This XP Series is the answer for the marine enthusiast that needs the extra power for those long days and nights out on the lake all the way to the mobile audio enthusiast that needs all the power they can get for their money.

Part #: XP1000


Volt: 16
Ah: 50
CA: 675A
MAX Amps: 2400
Size: 10.24 x 7.20 x 6.75in
Weight: 46.5lbs

Application: Universal

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