Vibrant 2"X4" Flex w/Inter Liner 60604

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Vibrant Performance 60604: Exhaust Flex Pipe, Coupling, TurboFlex, Weld-on, Stainless Steel, 2 in. Inlet/Outlet, 4 in. Long, Each - Rattle and shake--Vibrant Performance stainless steel TurboFlex couplings offer vibration control for your fabricated exhaust system! Your high performance--especially forced induction--applications can stress out your exhaust. TurboFlex from Vibrant offers vibration isolation to save your system! Made from T304 stainless steel, these couplings feature an internal interlock liner that aids in the smooth flow of high-temperature exhaust gasses. Vibrant Performance TurboFlex couplings are the solution to your high performance forced induction rattle and shake problems.

Applications: Universal

Part #:  60604

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