Tomei TA4070-MT01B 4G63 Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 Head Gasket 86.5 - 1.2mm JDM Lancer

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A factory type headgasket is made from metal but the design is the bead type which is not as effective in sealing as the super grommet design. Most aftermarket metal gaskets are of the grommet design which is better but the TOMEI Super Grommet design gives you the highest sealing efficiency possible and increased durability. 

The technological advancement of performance engines and even more so from tuned engines will increase the burden of stress on the head gasket. Under extreme conditions of high cylinder pressure and competition use, the head gasket is often the weakest point. 

  • Car Make: Mitsubishi 
  • Car Model: EVO 4-9 
  • Engine: 4G63T 
  • Old Part Number: T1352865121 
  • Thickness: 1.2mm 
  • Gasket Thickness: 0.047" / 1.2mm 
  • Bore: 86.5mm 
  • Bore Size: +1.5mm
Part Number: TA4070-MT01B