Tomei INTAKE / EXHAUST Cam Gear set combo RB26DETT RB25DET RB20DET R32 R33 R34

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This is a set of brand new Tomei Adjustable Exhaust / INTAKE Cam Gear set for Nissan Skyline RB20/RB25/RB26 Engines.  

The angle that the stock cams are clocked to when installed at the stock location on factory cam gears not always the most effective for making power with aftermarket cams. Aftermarket cams with more aggressive lift and duration often need to be dialed in at a specific angle to optimize the powerband for your setup. Adjustable Cam Gears are important when installing cams as they allow you to dial in the cam degree for optimum performance. 

Engine: RB26DETT/RB25DE(T)/RB20DE(T) 

Old Part Numbers: 152010 / 152009

Current Part Numbers: TA302B-NS05A / TA302C-NS05A