Tomei Duracon Shift Knob Type-SS M12x1.25mm TF101C-0000B

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Tomei Duracon Shift Knob Type-SS M10x1.25mm TF101C-0000A


The all new 'Type SS' is the shortest variant in our shift knob line up, providing a short-throw-like sporty shifting experience. 

At 60mm in length, it's 10mm shorter than the 'Type-S', but maintains the same screw thread surface contact length to ensure a secure fit.


The ergonomic cylindrical  design makes the shift knob easy/comfortable to grip especially during extreme driving  conditions. It's also much easier to 'push' into gear (e.g. 2nd-->3rd and/or 4th-->5th) when compared to spherical type shift knobs. 

These shift knobs are also sized for a comfortable fit when using racing gloves.


  • Fits most Toyota/Subaru/some Nissan (Please contact us to confirm fitment for you vehicle)

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