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Tomei 13220R300 Rocker Arm Stoppers SR20DET for Nissan S13 S14 S15 RNN14 SR20

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In the SR engine, in the situation that engine keep rotates over 7000rpm while circuit run or drag racing, or over-rev from miss shifting will sometimes leads tappet side of the rocker arm fulcrum to jump, and rocker arm to come off. Locker arm stopper is the parts which holds the lash adjuster side of locker arm with fixed clearance, controls the deflection of locker arm when jumping occurred, and protects engine from damage.

Note: Set of each IN and EX, Head cover modification maybe needed to some model, Cannot be used with VVL, Available w/ Solid pivot type cam, Spacer included

Engine: SR20DET (non VVL) S13, S14, S15

Old Part Number: 13220R300

Material: SPCC (steel) chromate coated

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