Thermal R&D Catback Exhaust for 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST - OUT OF STOCK!

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B907 - C907 System Specifications: 3? T304 Stainless Steel Catback System Mounts to OEM catalytic converter. Utilized OEM Hangers, Tip Fits OEM Valance Brush finish tubing, polished tip and resonators Dual 2.5? Angle cut tips When the Ford Fiesta ST was finally introduced to the North American market, the engineers at Thermal were eager to get their hands on the car and see what we could do with the sound and performance. We started with the cat-back system, keeping in mind the down-pipe for the full turbo-back systems would be something race enthusiasts would run. A 3? system with dual polished 2.5? stainless tips gave the system a more finished aftermarket look. To address the drone issues that can arise from the larger 3? tubing we added a straight through resonator on the mid-pipe and a resonator on the rear section. This allows for no restriction when accelerating, but deflects the unpleasant tones that can creep in while cruising.