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PWM Boost Component Kit for OBD1 Honda ECU's

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HPT PWM Boost Component Kit


1- Large Mosfet Transistor

1- In4002 diode

1- 220 ohm resistor

1- 330 ohm resistor

1- B1030 transistor

1- OBD1 ecu pin 

Add PWM Boost Control to your OBD1 Honda ECU using the factory EGR Circuit

This kit will work for Hondata S300 or Neptune PWM boost control as well using the "EGR" Pin A11 setting.

Use in conjunction with any 3 or 4 port Mac Valve / Boost Solenoid

Install instructions:
-Desolder the areas marked D14,Q29,R70,R71

-Solder the large Mosfet transistor into the space marked Q29

-Install the In4002 diode into the space marked D14. Be sure the side of the diode with the grey stripe faces to the left.

-Solder the 220 ohm resistor (red, red, brown, gold stripes) in the space labeled R70. The resistor can be installed in either direction:

-Solder the 330 ohm resistor (orange, orange, brown, gold stripes) in the space marked R71. Again, the resistor can be installed in either direction. (Polarity does not matter)

-Install the B1030 transistor with the markings on the transistor facing you (towards label on front of ECU) in space labeled Q20 

-Be sure to trim the remaining 'legs' of the components off from the back side of the ECU


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