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PLX Devices SM-Vac/Boost , 3 Bar Vacuum/Boost Sensor Module 2191 PLX

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PLX Devices Vacuum and Boost Sensor Module

The PLX Vacuum / Boost Sensor Module accurately measures the vacuum pressure and boost pressure of any intake manifold. This is ideal for turbo and supercharged applications where monitoring the intake pressure is vital. Up to 32 Sensor Modules can be daisy chained together in the PLX iMFD system and can be connected to any PLX Multi Gauge through the digital serial output port such as the DM-6 or DM-100. The Vacuum / Boost Sensor Module can also be used as a standalone unit capable of interfacing with 3rd party hardware where both the digital output and the analog output are available simultaneously. Its measurement range is 30.5 inHg to 30 PSI or 760 mmHg to 2.11 Kg/cm^2.



  • Built-in Sensor
  • 1 analog output
  • 1 digital input, 1 digital output
  • Digital precision


Part # 2191 PLX

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