Hybrid Racing ZDX Throttle Body Adapter (2006-13 Civic Si) HYB-TBA-01-02

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The Hybrid Racing ZDX throttle body adapter allows you to bolt a throttle body from an Acura ZDX engine onto your 2006-13 Civic Si. The ZDX throttle body has a larger bore than your stock throttle body allowing your engine to make more power. Expect to pick up between 2-10hp depending on the other modifications you have installed. We recommend port matching your intake manifold to 70mm and tuning with a Flashpro to maximize power and driveability. The kit comes with everything you need to complete the install in less than 30min.

Works with RBC and RRC.  

Includes the following:
ZDX to RBC throttle body adapter
ZDX thermal gasket
RBC thermal gasket
Bolts and washers
Vacuum fitting for purge control valve solenoid

Applications: 2006-13 Civic Si

Part #:HYB-TBA-01-02

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