Hybrid Racing "Tucked" K-Swap Fuel Line Kit (K-Series 88-00 Civic & 93-97 Del Sol & 94-01 Integra) HYB-FLK-01-06

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The Hybrid Racing Tucked fuel line kit was designed for those people looking to clean up there engine bay and eliminate the OEM fuel filter off of the firewall.The kit routes the fuel lines between the number 2 and number 3 runners and hugs the transmission as it makes its way to the regulator which you will mount below the brake booster.
This kit only works with the Hybrid Racing Fuel rail which has the necessary port in the center of the rail.

Applications:K-Series 88-00 Civic & 93-97 Del Sol & 94-01 Integra

Part #:HYB-FLK-01-06

Note: Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail is not Included and is Sold Separately

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