Hybrid Racing K-Series Fuel Rail & Pressure Gauge Combo (K-Swap) HYB-KIT-01-30

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If you were wondering if there was any way to add more features to an after market fuel rail, the answer is a resounding “yes!" Our fuel rails are made from 6061 aluminum with T6 heat treatment. It can accept a -8 ORB fitting in the inlet(s) and outlet, and it features a durable anodized finish with a laser etched logo. Now for what makes our rail a little different…

We've included a 1/8" NPT hole on our fuel rails that allow you to mount a fuel pressure gauge directly to your fuel rail. This puts the fuel pressure gauge in a spot that's easily visible, so you don't have to poke around in the engine bay just to see if you have fuel pressure.

The other detail on our fuel rail that should stand out is the option for plugging the side inlet and outlet and running the fuel to a centrally located -8 ORB fitting. This is positioned so that the fuel line can pass between the middle two cylinder intake runners (depending on your intake manifold.) This is an excellent option for anyone looking to tuck their wires and lines.

All of our fuel rails are manufactured in house by us, in the USA.

What's included:

(1) K-Series Fuel Rail w/ Fuel Gauge
(2) -8 ORB / -6AN Adapter fitting
(2) -8 ORB Plug
(1) 1/8th NPT Plug

Part #  HYB-KIT-01-30

K-swapped Vehicles