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Hybrid Racing K-Series Engine Fuel Rail -8an RSX EP3 K20 K24 PRB RBC RBB HYB-FRL-01-02

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K-Series Fuel Rail by Hybrid Racing

We’ve included a 1/8″ npt hole on our new fuel rails that allows you to mount a fuel pressure gauge directly to your fuel rail. This puts the fuel pressure gauge in a spot that’s easily visible so you don’t have to poke around in the engine bay just to see if you have fuel pressure.

Part # 

Black HYB-FRL-01-02


What is included with the fuel rail?
Each fuel rail comes with (1) 1/8 NPT fitting, (2) -8AN/-6AN union, (2) -8AN plugs, and and 4 o-rings. This assortment of fittings will allow you run the fuel rail in almost any configuration possible.

What intake manifolds is this rail compatible with?
This rail has been shown to mount to the PRB, RBC, and RBB intake manifolds without needing any modifications. Any aftermarket intake manifolds that share the same fuel rail mounting points as the PRB, RBC, or RBB should also accept this rail.

***Hybrid Racing Push-on Fuel Fitting (K-Series ) SOLD SEPERATELY***

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