Hybrid Racing Ground Kit (K-Series) HYB-GRD-01-05

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Good ground connections are arguably the most important part of any electrical system. Without them, there's no way for current to flow through an electrical system. Being certain that your electrical system is properly grounded is critical when it's time to troubleshoot problems with any fuel injected car. Obviously, this is even more important in the case of an engine-swapped vehicle, where any number of electrical issues could arise. Hybrid Racing's K Swap Ground Kit is a cost-effective way to be sure that you will not run into any problems that may be caused by improperly grounded components. Crimped connections on grounds is a recipe for many wiring headaches. Crimped grounds can be pulled apart easily and often will simply fall apart when exposed to the vibrations created by the engine. All of the ends on the Hybrid Racing K Swap Ground Kit have been soldered to the cable. This means that the ends will not come loose from the cable under vibrations or even when the cable experiences large amounts of tension (although this situation is unlikely).
What chassis are these kits compatible with?
These kits have been tested on K Swapped EK Civic, EG Civic, and DC2 Integra chassis. They can be used on other K Swapped vehicles, but you may have to find different places on the chassis to connect the cables.
Where do these grounds connect?
The thick ground connects the battery ground to the chassis. There are 3 other grounds. They are described and shown below:
The first ground goes from the engine's timing chain cover to the chassis. This ground is 14" long from end to end.

Applications: All Hondas with Kswap

Part #:HYB-GRD-01-05

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