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Hybrid Racing Conversion Harness (K-Series 88-91 HF/Si Civic/CRX) HYB-CWH-01-07

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Hybrid Racing completed their first K-swap over five years ago and pioneered a lot of the products that you currently see on K swapped vehicles. One of those products is the conversion harness. This harness interfaces with the factory dash harness, your OEM K series engine harness and your K series ECU to greatly simplify the swap wiring.

The new Hybrid Racing Conversion harness incorporates updated wiring to make for an even easier install, updated install guide that includes more pictures and less text and the integration of the oxygen sensor connector making it super easy to install. No more fumbling with your stock O2 sensor connector and cutting and connecting etc.

I see that a core is required for your EF harness, What do I need to send you?

Since the EF chassis is so old we are unable to source 2 connectors from the OEM supplier. In order for us to provide you with an engine harness we need your stock EF engine harness.

Please ship us your engine harness to the address located HERE.

Make sure to include a copy of your online order and your contact information.

Applications: K-Series 88-91 HF/Si Civic/CRX

Part #: HYB-CWH-01-07

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