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Hondata Kpro Version 4 02-04 RSX, 05-06 RSX, 2001-2006 Japanese DC5 Integra Type R

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The K-Series Programmable ECU (K-Pro) consists of a hardware modification to any K-Series ECU, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors.

On-board datalogging is standard on all K-Pros from serial number 4111 (version 2)and above.  For more information go here

The KPro4 is the 4th generation board made by Hondata, superseding all previous versions, with a more powerful processor, enhanced on board datalogging, faster upload and datalogging, live tuning and autotune, Bluetooth, ethanol sensor input, dash outputs, advanced protection and closed loop wideband support. 

KPro4 Enhancements


Faster and more powerful

The KPro4 uses a faster processor with more capability than the KPro-III.  This allows the KPro4 to perform more tasks without slowing down the ECU, like live tuning, output to a dash, flex fuel and advanced protection.  Calibration uploads and datalogging from a laptop are also faster.

Enhanced on board datalogging

The KPro4 has double the datalogging memory (64 MBit) of the KPro-III and can datalog at double the rate (100 Hz), giving an on board recording time of 10 - 220 minutes.

Faster upload & datalogging

The upload time is 30% faster than the KPro-III, with a typical initial upload time of 7 seconds. Subsequent uploads are also faster, and live tuning can be used for instantaneous updates.
Laptop datalogging is also 30% faster than the KPro-III.

Live tuning & autotune

Main tables can be updated in real time, without affecting the operation of the engine.  This allows dyno tuning without pausing to upload.
Autotune uses live tuning and a laptop to tune fuel tables as you drive.


The KPro4 includes Bluetooth for datalogging and tuning wirelessly with a laptop without a USB cable, and mobile datalogging on an Android or IOS device.

Ethanol sensor input

An ethanol sensor can be directly connected to the KPro4, allowing flex fuel operation, with adjustments to fuel & ignition tables performed automatically based on fuel ethanol content.

Speed sensor input

A speed sensor input can be directly connected to the KPro4 and sent to the ECU.  This is configurable to any pulse based sensor and eliminates the need for a stock speed sensor.

Dash & datalogging outputs

The KPro4 has serial output (both TTL & RS232) and CAN output so that a dash can be driven from the KPro. The AiM MXL, Racepak & generic CAN outputs are supported.

Advanced Protection

Advanced protection options use the KPro4 analog inputs and engine information to intelligently shut down the engine when the conditions might be dangerous to the engine.

Better wideband support

The KPro4 can process a wideband lambda input (either analog or digital) and allow the ECU to run in closed loop from an aftermarket wideband without requiring the stock o2 sensor.

***Please select which year Kpro you need (02-04 or 05-06)**

The 05-06 K-Pro is only certified to work in an 05/06 RSX. Engine swaps using an 05-06 RSX engine and gearbox into another chassis are not supported with the 05/06 K-Pro and adapter harness.

Hondata only sells adapter harness with the modified ECU. An unmodified 02-04 ECU with adapter harness (with or without KPro) will not work on a 05-06 RSX without the internal ECU modifications performed by Hondata.

**05-06 Kpro inlcludes modifcation to 02-04 ECU and Jumper harness**

Please include a contact email and phone # when purchasing. We will  contact you immediately after purchase to send you a form to fill out for Kpro. If you choose to send in your core ECU, you will be responsible for shipping your ECU to Hondata for Kpro installation. If you choose to buy a core from us, we will ship your Kpro directly from our location or from Hondata. Return shipping from HPT/Hondata is inlcuded in the cost of the Kpro. We will provide all these details to you in an after purchase email. Buy with confidence. HPTautosport is a 100% licensed Hondata Dealer.

Note: Kpro ECU's are prepared and installed as needed. Turn around time can vary depending on core stock, etc. We recommend contacting us before purchase if you are in a rush. Core ECU's are used condition, tested working good 02-04 PRB units unless otherwise noted.

-5 SPEED ECU core (PND/PNF) options are also available for reduced cost. Please be aware these will work in most swaps but will not have reverse lock-out function if used with a six speed swap.

Thank you

Note: Sales to California for race vehicle use only. CARB waiver must be signed before shipment.

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