Gear-X Transmission Cooler Kit - GXAC-UTC002

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Once again we have put our years of racing experience to good use. Just as cool oil is the life blood of a high performance engine, so too is properly cooled gear oil to your racing transmission. During our extensive testing in our own team cars often recorded Gearbox temperatures in excess of 300º (F). In situations like that if you’re not running synthetic gear oil then your gearbox will soon be toast.

Too often the incredibly high racing transmission temperatures go unnoticed and failing synchros, worn out sliders and gears are accepted as normal. It need not be that way; the racing life of your gear box can be extended indefinitely by installing a GEAR-X Transmission Oil Cooler System.

This kit comes with a very compact and efficient Transmission/Differential Oil Cooler Pump. These positive displacement-type pumps produce output directly proportional to motor speed. They are lightweight, self-priming pumps that may be mounted in any position up to several feet away from the source of oil.

Also included is a highly efficient Setrab 13 row 11”x7” Oil Cooler and a XRP 10 micron inline filter, all the Dash-6 Puslok fittings, Electric On/Off Switch, 10ft of Pushlok high pressure hose and clamps are provided along with comprehensive instructions on fitting, wiring and plumbing the system to your Racecar.



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