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Ferrea 6000 STD Valves Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo 4G63T 4G63 DSM EVO F6025 F6026

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$232.73 $244.98

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The 6000 Series Competition Valves are designed to provide excellent reliability in an environment of high spring pressures and roller cams, at a budget price. They have higher fatigue resistance and tensile strengths than our competitor’s best offerings. These valves can be used in Drag and Oval Track racing applications.

To manufacture the valves we use our exclusive two-step slow forging process using EV8 stainless steel on both intake and exhaust valves.We provide a special heat-treatment and stress relieving process, along with hard chrome stems and friction-welded hard tips. We finish with a swirl polished head.

The valves feature flow improvements to deliver the power needed for today’s sophisticated racing engines. These valves are available for both the traditional Domestic performance and racing engine market and the Sport Compact performance and racing market. 
4G63 Turbo

Head Diameter: 34mm (intake)
30.5mm (exhaust)
Stem Diameter: 6.57mm (intake)
6.55mm (exhaust)

Valve Length: 109.7mm (intake) 
109.7mm (exhaust)

Tip Length: 3.8mm (intake)
3.8mm (exhaust)


Part #: 

F6026 x 8 (intake)

F6025 x 8 (exhaust)

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