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Endless MX72 Rear Brake Pads for Nissan R35 GTR 2009-2016 MX72RCP118

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MX72 are known to be one of the most vital and essential compounds that influence braking capacity. Every material has been carefully chosen for the MX72 in order to produce minimal noise and dust while producing high friction at lower temperatures. The MX72 improves upon the ever-popular CC-X compound in that braking stability is improved at higher temperatures. And yet, the MX72 actually decreases rotor wear. Even pedal feel, which is already typically great with semi-metallic material pads, was further improved upon. The MX72 is the ultimate, dual-purpose, street/ light track compound. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR STREET COMPOUND FOR GTR

Includes: Compete set of Rear Brake Pads

Part #:MX72RCP118

Application: 09-17 GTR (all)

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