Eagle Replacement Rod Bolt (1 piece) ARP2000 3/8 inch Thread 7/16 inch Socket 1.5 inch Under Head

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*Eagle Rod Bolts by ARP* Eagle genuine replacement rod bolts manufactured exclusively for use in Eagle rods by ARP. These are NOT off-the-shelf ARP bolts! *Silicon Bronze Pin Bushings* Made from silicon bronze for oil retention and durability. Inside diameter will need to be finished to size before use. *Chevy 400 Spacer Bearings* Time proven design. This simple, yet effective method to use a crankshaft with Chevy 350 mains in a Chevy 400 block. No machine work required. Just snap them in and snap a set of Chevy 350 bearings inside the spacers. *V8 Moment Matched Bobweights* V-Blocks and setup weights are weight-matched to +/- 1g for perfect balancing. This is the same bobweights Eagle uses for balanced assemblies. *Chevy 4-bolt Conversion Caps* Eagle 4130 steel mains caps offer superb strength at an affordable price. Reduces cap walk and main bore distortion under high load. Fits Chevy 2-bolt register. Drill alignment dowel included. Bolts not included. Block must be align-honed prior to use. *Rod Cap Alignment Sleeves* Precise tolerances to align rod caps perfectly. Sold each.

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