ARP 108-2202 Pressure Plate Bolts for 88-01 B-Series Honda B16 B17 B18 Integra

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The importance of pressure plate bolts in a racing or hi-performance street application cannot be emphasized nearly enough. These fasteners play a key role in both the performance and safety of a vehicle. Because of this, ARP has developed special pressure plate bolts that are application specific to ensure the optimum grip length. ARP offers High Performance Series bolts that are made from a premium grade chrome moly and hardened to a nominal tensile strength of 180,000 psi. The Pro Series bolts, originally developed for NASCAR Winston Cup competition, are stronger and rated at 200,000 psi. Both models feature a large diameter, low-profile design. Complete with washers.

Part #108-2202


Honda B Series Engines Including: B16a2 / B18c1 / B18c5 / B16a3 / JDM B18c / JDM B16a

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