06-15 Honda Civic SPC Rear Camber ARM (single) 67475

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06-11 Civic SPC Rear Camber Arms (single arm)
When you change your vehicle's height you can expect to change your vehicle's suspension geometry as well. These camber changes can affect both your tire wear and how your vehicle handles. By correcting camber with one of SPC Performance's Kits or Parts you can save your tires and bring back handling.

This remove and replace rear control arm for the '06 and up Honda Civic offers +/- 3 degrees camber change. Forged with aircraft strength aluminum the arm is strong and functional with minimum weight. The double sleeve adjuster is easy to access and allows for on-car adjustment.
Includes: (1) Rear Camber Arm
Rear Adjustment range:
Camber -3.0 degrees to +3.0 degrees
Installation time: .5 hr/sideRequired: 1 per wheel

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