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ZEX Wet Nitrous Systems 82026P

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The ZEX™ Wet Nitrous Oxide System has the most advanced features of any wet nitrous oxide system on the market. All components, such as the solenoids and activation electronics, are factory pre-assembled inside the Nitrous Management Unit. This ensures you will be spending less time in the garage installing the system and more time out having fun.

The patent pending Fuel Shear technology used in the ZEX™ nitrous nozzle, places the enrichment fuel directly inside the highspeed nitrous oxide plume exiting the nozzle. This results in the most complete atomization of enrichment fuel possible. Super-fine atomization of enrichment fuel ensures maximum horsepower and eliminates fuel puddling that can cause intake backfires.

Even the way the ZEX™ Nitrous System is activated is unique. Instead of relying on crude micro-switches or push buttons, the ZEX™ wet nitrous system uses advanced electronics to learn the throttle position sensor (TPS) voltage curve. It then programs itself for your specific vehicle and, when armed, will only activate the nitrous system at wide-open throttle. This ensures perfect engagement every time the nitrous system is used.

Advanced features like this make the ZEX™ wet nitrous system the easiest to install, the most powerful, and the most reliable nitrous system on the market.

75-125HP System

Part Number: 82026P


1993-1997 CHEVROLET, 1993-1997 PONTIAC, 2004-2006 PONTIAC


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