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Wiseco Sport Compact Piston and Ring Kits (99-00 Mazda Protege, 94-05 Mazda Miata) K553M835

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Wiseco sport compact piston and ring kits give you stronger pistons and tighter tolerances than any other part in your engin e, with less internal and external machining. Wiseco's advanced forging process and extensive heat-treating and finishing processes ensure the performance and reliability that you demand from your engine. Wiseco's sport compact piston and ring kits' crown thickness and ring lands are designed for power adders like turbos and blowers and nitrous oxide. They come complete with high-quality piston rings. Whether you're on or off of the street, you can depend on the maximum strength and minimum variance of Wiseco's aluminum-forged pistons for your sport compact vehicle.


Bore (in):3.287 in.

Bore (mm):83.500mm

Piston Style:Dish, with no valve reliefs

Piston Material:Forged aluminum

Compression Distance (in):1.201 in.

Piston Head Volume (cc):+4.00cc

Wrist Pin Style:Press-fit or floating

Pin Diameter (in):0.787 in.


File Fit:No

Top Ring Thickness:1.0mm

Top Ring Material:Steel

Top Ring Facing Material:Gas nitrided

Second Ring Thickness:1.2mm

Second Ring Material:Cast iron

Second Ring Facing Material:Phosphate coated

Oil Ring Thickness:2.8mm

Oil Ring Material:Stainless steel

Oil Ring Tension:Standard

Quantity:Sold as a kit.

Part # K553M835

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