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Wiseco Pistons MazdaSpeed 3 / 6 MZR Disi Turbo 87.5mm 9.8:1 K640M875

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Pro Tru sets include plasma moly 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 pre-gapped ring packages which provide excellent seal, friction reduction, and long life. Pro Tru pistons also come in a variety of volumes that allow the engine builder to choose the exact compression ratio required for their engine. Pro Tru Pistons; Sport Compact Series; Set of 4 Pistons; Recommended RingSet: 8750XX; Rings & Pins Included

Comp Ratio 9.5:1

Bore: 87.5mm

Rod: 150.55

Dome Volume-13.3: Gram Weight342

Stroke: 94

Comp Height:32.25


Part #: K640M875

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