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Wiseco Pro Tru Pistons Honda B-Series Flat Top Set of 4 Pistons K623M84

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Are people not looking twice at your sport compact? Give them more than a little surprise by installing a set of Wiseco sport compact pistons. They're available for a variety of pocket rockets. These pistons are forged from either 4032 or 2168 aluminum alloy and are precisely CNC-machined to their final configuration. Where appropriate, designs incorporate the strength to deal with nitrous, turbos, or blowers. Chromoly wrist pins and Spirolox retainers are included. Order the size designed for fitment on your vehicle.

Comp Ratio: 10.6:1

Bore: 84mm

Gram Weight: 291

Rod: 137

Dome Volume-2.3 FT

Stroke: 89

Comp Height: 30

Part # K623M84

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